Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Concepts of Noble Team

An early directive for Carter was that he should feel like a cowboy.  You can sort of see that in the hip armor that sits in the same place as a belted gun holster might.
 Emile hates the Covenant with a passion.  The skull on his face plate is less of a macho symbol, and more like saying "you've just been killed by a hunting trophy"  Its fueled by anger and indignation, and he's effectively spitting in his enemies faces.
 You can see the kill marks in Covenant blood on Jorge's left shoulder pad...the side that faces the enemy.  This aspect of his personality doesn't show much in the game, but its a left over habit from his origninal Spartan II squad.  He continues the tradition out of reverence. 
 At one point we were considering making it possible to break down the sniper rifle...that idea was abandoned but you can see here an idea of how it would be stowed.  This was also an earlier version of Jun's helmet.  It was a bit hamfisted, but really communicated beyond a doubt that he was the sniper of the team.


  1. I love what you did with all the armor!
    Really inspiring!
    Thanks for posting all these great concepts!!

  2. Wow, I love the optics package-thing on Jun looks like a kinda cut down version of the GUNGNIR helmet.

    It's a shame it didn't make it in. Why was the later helmet choosen?

  3. Too bad the game dosent look that good or give us that kind of individuality or uniqueness

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  5. Originally I'd asked for more background on Kat but I saw earlier that you'd done that in a comment back in the Noble team portraits! Thanks very much.

    I love the commentary and thoughts behind the art we see in game.
    When the first trailers were released for Reach and we hadn't heard Emile's voice yet, I loved the idea of another mute Spartan III similar to Lucy from Ghosts of Onyx; another super soldier so scared from the excessive violence and war the SIIIs have witnessed that they might be a bit "off". Seeing the skull etched onto his helmet to me spoke volumes about the rage or madness the character had. While I like Emile's voice actor, I think it would've been better had he not spoken, or spoken much more infrequently than he ended up doing.

    Thanks again for the additional insight on the designs, Isaac.

  6. Loving these concepts! They're all so unique, but you can still see they're spartans :) Like Jorge's design, nice strong stance, though Emile looks badass :D
    I was playing some Halo: Reach multiplayer last night, still loving it!

  7. These poses are helping me a lot with some AP art conceptual art stuff, your stuff is so amazing and original :D

  8. If Halo was an RPG... *sigh* I wish that you guys had the time to really flesh out Noble Team in-game. While I did notice several attempts to develop their characters (e.g Kat opening up to six on New Alexandria) I feel that it's nothing compared to the character development in ME2.

    The simple ability to talk to the members of Noble at several points during the game, like while your on the cliffside on Tip of the Spear with Kat, could've allowed for alot of character development throughout the game.

    A prequel RPG to Reach about Noble Team would tell an incredible story. It would be an incredible launch title if it was made for the next generation Xbox. I would kill for that game to be developed by Bungie and co-developed by 343.