Saturday, March 15, 2014

Hercules Prime

The Patrol cutter Hercules and two rescue boats over Nu Sera.

*Pre-retraction Photo.

 Update to the design seen previously in "Reclaiming Hercules"

Thank you Jesus Diaz for picking this up on Sploid and Gizmodo

Can you imagine the day that this is a common scene around Earth?

Lots of comments on the forums there, and I thought I'd address some of them here and elaborate on how I'm approaching these designs.

All of the vessels I've done so far transition through atmosphere, which is why wings and aerodynamics are implied in many of these.  I'm not an engineer so I don't presume to believe they are accurate, however plausibility is important, and I am striving to achieve this, while also touching on the retro idealism of 50's futurism.

In the sort of space combat scenario I'm imagining you'd want as little of your profile visible or vulnerable at any given time, thus the long narrow build of the Hercules.  Her main weapon is a hyper velocity rail gun with a rotating barrel.  A Gatling style gun is one of the oldest rapid fire designs in the history of warfare, however the high stress and heat produced from magnetically propelling a 10 kilogram flechette round to a significant fraction of the speed of light keeps the basic mechanic relevant.

In addition to reducing the vessel's vulnerability to hostile assaults it also reduces it's profile to meteorites, and debris during the high relativistic speeds necessary to maintain interplanetary commerce and government.

Also aesthetics and personal voice play a large role in my choices.  I love Homeworld, Macross, Revelation Space, and many others, and I'm aware of, and intentionally playing with those themes in my work.  I love the bright colorful future that they suggest and the sense of community, exploration, and hope that I felt playing or watching those properties as a child.

It's exciting to see these images generating positive responses and I love spaceships so expect to see more.


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  2. awesome design Isaac! hope you're well man and congrats on your marriage! looking forward to seeing all of your work on Destiny, as well as everyone at Bungie.