Saturday, March 1, 2014

The LR-32B Hawkbat, navy designation Seafury.

The Hawkbat is a light VTOL recon/strike vehicle it belongs to a class of vehicles referred to as lifters.

The LR-32B is named after the Bat Hawk of subsaharan Africa; old Earth, note its distinct head plume.  

Pictured Above: Three Hawkbats of  Mud Runner squadron, affectionately called "Jenny's Brats" coming in over the Sun Forge Spit.  The Mud Runners saw action frequently in the 1st and 2nd Push and are best known for infiltrating deep into the Enemy's beach head and crippling the gravity anchor.  With their primary supply line disrupted the War was effectively over.  Ultimate victory however was a long and costly battle of attrition until the last Enemy was dismantled.

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